Need help putting this tiny kitchen reno together (pics)

13 years ago

Many of you helped with my drama of choosing colors for my open kitchen/living area. I wanted a red kitchen, but was having problems with it being open to the living room. We finally agreed on a color, thanks to the help I got here. And we've been living with it for months now.

Also been living with the GREEN laminate counters. Dec. was great, because it really helped with the Christmas decorations :) But, Jan 1st I remembered I hated my kitchen again!

Sooo, we're ready to do counters, and paint the cabs. I'm set on painting the cabinets white. I have a lot of white crown moulding through out the kitchen, living, etc. Dh is building a white built in bookcase in the living room. The oak cabs sticks out like a sore thumb, and I can't stand it.

Big problem, $$$! We've been having to pay off some unexpected medical bills for one of my kiddos, leaving us with less to do this project. No real complaints, though. My little guy's health is definitly more imporant then countertops, for sure :)

So, the higher end options are out. Dh likes quartz, and granite. Niether one are my thing, so not being able to afford them doesn't break my heart. I was leaning towards him doing cement. DIY seemed a great option, and possibly cheaper. But, more research I do..more I'm afraid. Some of the other solid surface stuff like corian are nice. But, in the end all priced just out of our budget. Leaving, dh's suggestion of maybe granite tile (not happy with that idea ) or laminate again. I'm ok with that, though. This isn't our forever home. I just want to enjoy it a bit more for the next few yrs, without going broke fixing it up. Even though it's only 3 yrs old, and a fairly nice house. The fixes it needs are really just cosmetic.

I'm thinking white cabs, darker counters.

I guess my big question is color, etc of laminate. For awhile I was liking the labrador granite, and a few others that gave the look of granite. But, now I'm a bit over it. To me it shouts, too cheap for the real thing, lol.

would a solid dark color show every single mark and smudge??

I'm also battling with our little eat in area. We've broken a chair. And again, not upset with that because my attention span is such that I hate that style now. I'd like to keep the table, and get black chairs. Would that look silly? Should I paint the legs, stain the top darker?? I also planned on putting the leaf back in the table, expanding it from it's dinky size. And dh was going to build a bench to put along the wall. Push the table closer to the window, put and put three chairs on one side, bench on the other. That way our whole family can eat together. As it is now, boys sit there and dh and I in the living room :( I figured even if it was a bit over crowded expanding that table, it'd be worth it to sit as a family.

With the cabs, I'm also thinking about putting bead board on the one ends, and then all along the back of the counter. Then for a backsplash, repeat the beadboard. Would that be too much beadboard? Are there are less expensive backsplash options??

So, my questions are...counter color and material suggestions. Chair suggestions. Backsplash suggestions.

some pics

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