Need help putting together a color palette please?

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I have a small manufactured home. It has a lot of light including skylight in the kitchen. I plan to paint all the rooms white. I just finished painting my front doors S.W. 'Really Teal' - as soon as you walk in my front door, you'll be in the kitchen and will immediately see white cupboards. I would like to paint the bottom cupboards teal and the top white. Should I paint the cupboards on the bottom the same as the door? or can I change the shade of teal altogether? I'm looking for a nice white color of white to paint the walls but also want a whiter white for the cupboards. My ceiling will be painted white. I'm trying to follow the 60,30,10 rule. 60% White, 30% teal, 10% green (green if I can find a lovely color that will look nice with the same teal that I am using in the home. SW Really Teal. I appreciate any ideas. Thank you. ~ Diane

See some photos here please!

This is going to be my new backsplash!

This is my newly painted front door. Sherwin William's 'Really Teal'

This is my new lamp, hubby and I purchased for our 28th anniversary.

My sofa is a smoky cream color.

I want to include teal in every room of my house. I'm really stuck for the perfect shade of green that will work as my 10% accents. I hope this is enough for a start on what I have to work with so far. Who wants to be my color palette mentor to bounce ideas around? lol

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