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How long has 'country french' been trendy? Is it enduring or not?

Stacey Collins
14 years ago

First of all I apologize for my ignorance!! My aethetic os pretty modern: MCM-70's, with some early, simple antiques thrown in the mix. So I never paid any attention to other decorating styles, and have no clue about them!

When we moved into our house in fall 2008, we promised our DD (then age 11) she could get new bedroom furniture. She chose clean-lined, modern pieces from Ikea.

Now she's 13, and beginning to define her own style. She no longer likes her simple furniture, and, truth be told, she's too messy and knick-knacky to make the aethetic work, anyway!

I told her we can't buy new furniture, but I am willing to help her shop Craigslist and yard sales with her own money, and sew things for her, etc. We've been looking at House Beautiful magazine, BHG and other similar web sites together, and the style she's most drawn to is the white-painted, old, worn, country French look. I think we could make this work with her existing white plain Billy bookcases, and a shaker-style 4-poster/canopy bed my mom may give her (with some side curtains at the head of the bed.) There are even a couple of appropriate dressers on Craigslist.

My concern is that we'll put all this effort into this, and she'll tire of it soon. I noticed that Pottery Barn Teen has a furniture line that's this style, which makes me worry that maybe it's just a trendy, of-the-moment style and that in 2 years she'll think it's dumb and passe.

My other concern is that it might look weird in our otherwise "modern cottage" style home.

Any thoughts???




here are some photos of the type of things we have in our home:

Our bedroom (before renovations, but the style is the same:)

new master bathroom renovation

kitchen mid-renovation, unfinished

DD's room now (but it's NEVER this neat!!!)

The kind of thing she wants:

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