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Question about quick breads and baking soda/powder

15 years ago

Hello to all! I am wanting to make some quick breads for the holidays and have been perusing recipes. In the past however, I have sometimes made quick breads where I could taste the bitter chemical taste of the baking powder. And the other day at my local coffeehouse I bought a slice of pumpkin bread and I could taste the baking powder in it(it wasn't very good anyway, but the baking powder was my main objection).

I actually don't really know the difference between baking soda and baking powder when it comes to baking and rising. I usually just follow the recipes blindly (baaaaah!), but I really wish to know how I can avoid that acrid taste.

So. Is it baking powder or soda that is the culprit? Is there a way to ensure that the taste won't come through (besides being more heavy handed on the spices)? Or maybe I am just a freak and nobody else ever notices that taste in quickbreads?

It's just a bummer to use the freshest organic ingredients I can get my hands on, and then to have a sort of chem taste coming through...well, that makes me sad.

If anyone can give me help or advice, I am much obliged :-)


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