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Question about baking miniature loaves of sweet breads

12 years ago

I'm going to start baking and freezing some miniature loaves of sweet breads.

One recipe I have makes 16 loaves. Would it be okay to set the loaves on a baking sheet? In the past I didn't do that, but I'd like to bake about 8 loaves at a time.

I'm sure I'll have to check for doneness because it may cook longer with so many loaves cooking at once.

Any suggestions? I found a recipe for pumpkin bread that has both Vanilla and Lemon pudding in it, along with a can of Pumpkin. Yum!

Here's a tip for Pound Cake bakers/lovers. Pound Cake bakes better in the mini-loaf pans! Now I'm getting very very hungry. :)

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