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Trying to save our 50's bathroom tile

17 years ago

The previous owners were kind enough to leave me alot to do in this house. I'm sure its not as old as most of your homes, but I'm trying to save it. If it were strictly fifties, that would have been great. But...they redid the place in 1972 (ouch!) and its been tough.

They laid industrial brown carpeting over the ceramic tile. After pulling up the stinky stuff, I discovered a really nice floor. I purchased a product I found online, Soy Gel. The product doesn't smell at all. Don't even need to use gloves. I've been working with a section a day. I put the gel on a section, spread it out with a brush and leave it for about 3 hours. Then scrape it off. Wipe whats left behind with a rag. Scrub the area with a brillo.

Does it look worth it?

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