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Help me remodel my 50s bathrooms please!

13 years ago

I've just bought a new house and it needs a few things...I thought the kitchen was bad but first things first: the master bathroom is just icky. It starts off good, just needing paint and appropriate hardware:


Then it gets ugly where someone ripped out a mint green shower and extra doorway to the hall and put in a tub. The gap in the floor tile was filled with peel 'n' stick tile. The toilet was replaced with an old man throne. I realize these changes were necessary for an aging owner so I'm trying very hard to not judge. But oh! The horror!




I am sad for the tile. I currently have another house by the same builder and whoever did the tile in these baths was one helluvan artisan. But my current one is blah white. This green is fabulous! I'll never match it. So...tentative concept: replace the floor with linoleum (not vinyl). Toilet--white, non electric toilet. I'm not sure about used toilets, but if I happen to find a matching one, well, I'd be tempted. Bathtub out and replaced with shower, glass doors, sides in something neutral like Silestone or Corian. White I guess.

I need to do this before I move in because it's my bathroom! What other directions could I go? And YES I want the sink cabinet to stay.

Elsewhere, we have a bath that has not been mangled and I would love some ideas on paint color:




It's not quite pepto pink, and the brown is a rich burgundyish shade. It's not mint green but pink toilet huh?

Anyway, I'd love suggestions on wall and cabinet color!


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