Need help with layout for Master Bedroom Closet

8 years ago

We are about to start a major house renovation, with the primary purpose being to add much needed storage space and bathrooms. For the last 15 years, my husband and I have each had our own 36" x 24" closet in our bedroom and have shared a similar-sized closet in our guest room and a garment rack in the attic for overflow and off-season clothes. We've also had a large dresser and door chest in our room. After the renovation, our oldest daughter will be moving into the guest room, so we'll lose that closet space, and I really dislike having to go up into our attic to get clothes out when a new season arrives.

I'm attaching a drawing of the space that will become our new master closet. It's a huge improvement over what we have now, but because it's squeezed between two bathrooms and a chimney, the space is shaped very oddly and I'm at a loss as to how best to configure the storage. Hanging rods on the two long walls? Hanging rod on only one wall and drawers on the other? Bureau or shoe storage on the end with the window? My husband and I both have a combination of traditional work clothes (think lawyers) and casual clothes. We will have a 5'w x 3'h built-in bureau just outside the master bath and will retain one of the existing 36" x 24" closets in the master bedroom, which we could configure any way we like (with a hanging rod, shelves, etc.). I'd like to get rid of the large dresser and door chest in our bedroom, if possible. Thank you for any suggestions!

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