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last month

So the shirt version is that the first floor of my house i have dedicated to my sales from poshmark/ebay/Mercari etc. I initially wanted it to be easy to transform into a guest room - but now i don’t really care. I’ve realized that i get so overwhelmed in this house, so i turn everything into a “more digestible” project….& now that’s what i have here….100 small projects that are not linked into a bigger overall picture. I know i have a lot of space and just want to start utilizing it more efficiently - i know it’s possible to stay organized and functional at the same time! I just really need some help from others who that can see the bigger picture or have been down this road?! Any advice is v appreciated….& if possible, excuse the random zebra rug between rooms 1 and 2. 😬 i did my best to explain anything that wasn’t super obvious!

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