Layout Help! Master Bedroom,Ensuite,Closet

2 years ago

We are working on the layout for our master bedroom, ensuite and closet - see image i've posted.

There are some notes below to explain what we don't like, and what we are looking for to fix/change.

We do not like the bathroom/closet setup for the following reasons:

- do not want to enter the bathroom to get into the closet (through sliding door)

- do not like where the toilet is and want it in a toilet/water closet

- want to have a double vanity, shower and tub. we could move the bathroom window

- do not like how the master bedroom door opens up - and could hit - the bathroom door

- i would like a makeup vanity in the closet

Things we cannot change for various reasons

- outside the bedroom door is a hallway

- there are bedrooms on either side of the bedroom and the closet

- cannot flip the position of the closet and ensuite

Any ideas on how we could move things around in the plans to create:

- 2 entries, one into the closet one into the ensuite

- or what other solution could avoid the current entry into closet

- can i get a toilet closet/ re arrange the bathroom

- vanity in closet

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