Sharon/Chase's Dill Pickle recipe


Nothing new with not being able to find anything on this darn forums search. I'm pretty sure Sharon has posted her recipe for the Famous Dill Pickles but darn if I can find a scrap of the recipe anywhere. If Sharon or anyone would be so kind, I'd appreciate having the recipe. A friend is finally getting a lovely excess of pickling cukes, and I suspect I will be the willing and grateful recipient. Thanks for any help.

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here ya go.

Chase's Dills
You can usually count on between 6-8 dills (cukes) per 1 quart jar, depending on size.
Use 3" to 4" cukes that have just been picked.
Place the cukes in ice cold water (I use my bath tub!!) and add a bag or two of ice to the water. The cukes should stay in the ice water for a minimum of 2
hours but no more than 8. Refresh the ice as required.
I make the brine in great big batches using this ratio:
4 cups white vinegar
4 cups water
1/3 cup coarse pickling salt
For each jar of dills you will need 2 nice size garlic cloves peeled and cut in
half (4 pieces) and two dill heads. Leave the cukes whole.
I sterilize my jars using the sani cycle of the dishwasher (you could boil the jars instead) When they are really hot, almost at the end of the cycle I place them in a oven at 150 degrees to keep them good and hot.
Make the brine and bring the brine to a full and rolling boil.
Place the rings and lids in a large saucepan with water and bring them almost to the boil. Then turn down but keep them hot.
Place the cukes, garlic and dill in the hot jars. I do garlic, dill, cukes, garlic, dill. Pour brine over the cukes. Only do 2 jars at a time, leave the rest in the oven to keep them hot.
Wipe the rim really well, this is critical to sealing, and place lid and ring on and screw to finger tight.
Let sit 6-8 weeks before eating!

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Sharon's dill pickles are by far the best.


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Thanks for posting Stacy. Yes, Ann, they sure come highly recommended. Looks like a case of the classics are classic for a reason. Now to hope for the cukes.