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Whirlpool Duet 9400 Washer died in 3 years- what to buy next?

12 years ago

I love my front loader due to capacity, but I never thought the Whirlpool Duet 9400 ever really cleaned my clothes well. Now it has died within just 3 years- repair man tried everything related to error codes and he thinks I must have gotten a lemon.

Now need washer asap. Please help with advice? I really just want a old fashioned top loader that can SOAK smelly clothes, but those just don't seem reliable anymore. Then again--- what $1000 machine only has 3 yeas shelf life? So annoyed...

My repair guy said getting parts for anything except a whirlpool is hard, but I just don't want to buy another loser.

Read that HE toploaders suck... but some love their Bravo?

My friend loves her Samsung... but not a lot of good noise here about them?

Heard bad things about LG too.

is the miele really the best washer to buy?

need to buy something this week and I don't trust advice of sales people at stores! Help!

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