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My New Maytag Compact Washer & Dryer

17 years ago

Hi all - I wanted to post about my new Maytag Compact FL washer & dryer set - MAH2400AWW (washer) and MDE2400AYW (dryer). I bought them about 6 weeks ago.

If this set were a man, I'd marry him. I absolutely love them. I have had no problems at all. I was a little hesitant at buying something so small but just figured that I'd do a few more total loads. (I was constrained in size choices because of the area where the units would go - could not have side-by-side; would have had to put the dryer across the room in the kitchen if they weren't stacked; could not be more than ~68" high.) It turns out that I have to LOOK for things to add to the load to "fill up" the washer! Yesterday I needed to wash a heavyweight queen blanket - I put it in there and there was a LOT of room left, so I added a couple of pairs of shorts, a couple of dish towels, and a shirt. I think this combo is a perfect size for 1-2 people. I previously (with my TL) had a plumbing problem whereby the large amount of water quickly exiting the draining washing machine sent some water up through the tub drain in the adjoining bathroom. Now, with the greatly reduced water usage in this FL, that problem has been completely eliminated. I am thrilled with how fresh and clean everything is - much much better than my (admittedly) old TL.

The wash loads do take longer - 55 minutes or so - but that doesn't bother me. The dryer, when first putting a load in, says "1 hour 32 minutes" - ! However, there is a sensor so nothing ever takes that long. Yesterday, for instance, it started at 1h32m - within 10 minutes, it said "55 minutes" to go. The whole load took about an hour total - only to finish the blanket; everything else was done long before.

I have heard of problems with the older Maytags but perhaps they have been fixed at this point? I am very very satisfied so far. Cross my fingers!

P.S. Added bonus: my cats love to watch the washer! They are fascinated with looking in the window at the tumbling clothes. Keeps them out of mischief! =^,^=

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