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New Miele Washing Machine- WXR860- Need Help

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Hi everyone,

I took delivery of Miele's WXR860 washing machine this past week and although I'm generally happy with it, there are a few loose ends I'm trying to tie up, but that I just can't seem to get resolution on. This lack of closure is really killing my buzz. I figured I'd throw it out to all of you to see if anyone can answer my questions.

1. The manual says to clean the machine about once a month using the Clean Machine setting and a multi-purpose detergent. I reached out to Miele directly asking if something like Affresh would work and they said no, because it's a multi-purpose cleaner and not a multi-purpose detergent. This detergent should be formulated for machine use and not to clean clothes.

They also said that "the difference between the two is that the cleaner might have some abrasive components, and it is mostly for maintenance, but it is not essential for the washer, and the detergent is more meant for loads, so the best course of action is to use a multi-purpose detergent to avoid damaging the load or leaving residues inside the drum."

So....what multi-purpose detergent are you all using? Miele won't recommend any brand to me and I cannot find anything that matches this description. Everything I find is a cleaner. Affresh, Powerize, Lemi Shine, etc..., but per Miele, those shouldn't be used.

2. The Quick Start guide says the pull-down menu shows the "% of max load" for each program. This point is also written on p. 30 of the instruction manual, yet my pull-down menu does not show this info, it only shows the estimated water and electricity consumption. How do I get this information to show up? I can't find any setting that seems to affect it.

3. How do I find out how much water and electricity I've actually consumed? The manual states that there's an EcoFeedback button and a Consumption button under Settings, yet neither of them are showing up on my display.

I appreciate any help you can give me this first-time Miele owner. Thanks!


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