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Are true European washers too small?

10 years ago

I was about to order a Miele washer - for obvious reasons like being German-made and reliability and also b/c it was claimed to have 2.5 cu ft capacity (i.e., more than LG or Bosch Axxis).

However, I was wondering how that could be as it had the smallest listed dimensions of the three. Well, it turns out that it is only 1.88 cu ft, i.e., indeed, has the smallest capacity.

I am downsizing from a full-size Whirlpool so I could small loads daily. Now I am concerned if Miele would be just too small? I do wash queen size sheets (and sometimes, king) and I am willing to split the load if I have to but still...

If you have/had a European size washer, was it "large enough" for you?

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