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Dryer is taking too long to dry!!!

last month

My LG washtower is a year old. It was fantastic until three weeks ago when the dryer started taking forever to dry a load. Any ideas on what else I can do before calling a technician?

What I've done:

Always dry on timed, low to medium heat

Always dry jeans and heavy items separately

Reduced load size, increased load size

Clean lint trap each use, washed it too

Don't use fabric softener or dryer sheets

Cleaned the entire ducts - from machine to outside - next to nothing came out

Checked that air is flowing to exterior vent

No kinks in duct work

Looked inside back of machine when pulled out from duct - nothing stuck

Checked the breaker

Cleaned off the drying sensor inside the drum

Tested with LG Thinq app and it detected no problems

Don't use eco mode. (Don't think there is one.)

"Drying stage" symbol flashes when in use.

"Cool down" remains lit during use.


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