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talk to me about steak (marinade) please!

16 years ago

Just wanting to know when you need to make steak in a hurry without a lot of time to prepare, and have forgotten to marinate them the night before... what do you do?

In general, how do you get the most flavor into your steak? Using the Jaccard meat tenderizer seems to help quite a bit. Vacuum sealing does NOT seem to help at all even though they show it on the commercials.

Someone once told me that "good" meat doesn't need marinade. Tell this to the guy who threatened to put ketchup on his steak at Ruth's Chris during a company outing several years ago... I didn't because the steak was awesome, but I had fun threatening to embarrass my supervisor by asking. I like the variety of flavors marinades provide... and I don't buy "good" steaks anyway!

I usually buy the Lawry's 30 minute Caribbean Jerk marinade which is very good. Does anyone have a recipe for a homemade marinade that goes over well? When I try to cook the meat in the marinade, I *always* burn the marinade and it tastes awful. I don't have a grill (apartment dweller), so I usually just do steak in a frying pan on my gas range. Anyone have a better method such as baking or broiling?


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