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Talk to me about red fox....... bear with me please

16 years ago

Hi everyone, I live in Rensselaer County just across the river from Albany. The quiet country road I lived off of is now a main thoroughfare with big box stores etc but my property is still a backyard habitat with a herd of deer and other critters. Have seen bear in my yard and recently saw an animal that walked like a cat(walking in the creek) but was the size of a small lab and a reddish yellow in color. When I went out to take pictures this animal was gone but there was a small animal looking similar with long matted hair and looking like a large kitten. The other day a friend suggested it might be a fox and baby .....can anyone tell me if this sounds like a red fox?I googled red fox pup images and the hair doesn't look as long to me in the pictures I am seeing. Sorry I was so stunned to see the kitten instead of the large animal that I didn't get a picture. Thanks, Kareen

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