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Talk to me about Tauck Tours and Spain, please

4 years ago

DH and I are considering going to Spain this year. We are no longer comfortable just renting a car and taking off to where we want to go. DH has some health problems which leaves me doing all of the driving and most of the luggage toting (and arguing with him because he *wants* to help, but sometimes he just can’t). This has led me to consider an escorted tour. I’ve looked at several different tour companies and read reviews on Trip Advisor and other travel sites. One of those reviews caused me to consider Tauck.

Have any of you ever used Tauck for land tours in Europe? I searched the forum and saw there were some who had done river tours with them, but I couldn’t find information on land tours.

What is your opinion of visiting Spain in early May? I don’t want to go when it is miserably hot.

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