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Who visited Spain? Someone here drove round SoSpain??

15 years ago

I can't believe we are leaving next week - and both of us feel as Nana used to say, quite punk, with painful chest coughs. Dh is off to the dr tomorrow a.m and I said Get enough meds for 2.

But I digress...I'm thinking someone here drove round southern spain, and I have no energy to keep googling it.

Also, any suggestions for food, restaurants, gotta see, in the western coastal area of Spain...Estepona...where we will be for a week, then three days to drive to Lisbon, and then a week in Lisbon.

Sadly, right now both of us feel like holy sh*t, but I pray this will be gone a week from now. Any hints gladly accepted. And no, we will not be in Madrid or Barcelona or the rest of the eastern/northern part of Spain.


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