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Need Advice about teenagers and boyfriends. Help!!!!!

16 years ago

My 16 year old daughter has recently developed fairly strong romantic feelings for a boy that her best friend has liked for the past 6 months.

The boy really, really likes my daughter also. He wants to ask her out, but she keeps putting him off because of her best friend. Her best friend, although upset with the situation, has reluctantly given my daughter and this boy her blessing to start a relationship. Obviously my daughter is still torn.

They are a large group of friends between the boys and the girls, and of course, some have taken "sides". Some kids tell my daughter to "go for it". While others are calling her a traitor. It also doesn't help that her best friend's mother is absolutely irate with my daughter and telling her daughter that she should stop being my daughter's friend.

I am distraught over this. This boy would be my daughter's first boyfriend. She has no experience with matters like this. I cannot stand to see her so unhappy.

Before I tell you what advice I gave to my daughter. I would love to get your opinions. You are all impartial, so I feel you can be a better judge of the situation.

Thanks for your help. I sincerely look forward to any and all responses

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