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Can I replace a section of 3/4' Hardwood floor?

16 years ago

I am installing 3/4" oak hardwood strip flooring in the livingroom and kitchen myself. There is a fairly dramatic dip in the floor about 18" into the room, about 7 1/2 feet long and about 3-5 boards wide. I knew floor had a dip in it, and it was also pointed out by a contractor who was here to do other work, but neither of us remember it being quite that dramatic. His only suggestions when stopped by yesterday and I showed it to him, were to rip out the entire flooring I have installed so far (something he claims he would not do if it were his floor, and a lot of work and wasted materials, about 50 square feet of flooring, put in with a pneumatic nailer), or take a belt sander to the floor and try to smooth it out some. If the flooring came up, he suggested smoothing out the subfloor with a belt sander, I guess to make the drop more gradual, before reinstalling the floor. I am wondering if this can be done without pulling up everything. I seem to back on fairly level flooring again now and the laying is much easier. I asked him to look at the hallway to see if replacing the subfloor is an option that would improve things in that area before laying the floor there. He does not think it would help. The subfloor is in good condition and screwed down well to the joists, which I did before starting to remove any squeeks and as much uneveness as possible before starting. I should note that the house is about 60 yrs old, there was a fire and the house was partially rebuilt 1994 before I bought it. There is a steel beam that is original to the house and extends the length of house, and the high spot is along the steel beam and the low spot to one side of that beam, probably in the portion of the house with original joists.

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