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Help! Dilemma With Red Oak Hardwood Flooring

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We are having our kitchen, family room, and den’s red oak hardwood floors refinished. They were originally refinished in the honey oak stain popular in the ’90s. Six floor samples were sanded: 3 in the kitchen and 3 in the family room. I’ve attached a pic of just the family room samples, since they’re very similar to the kitchen’s.

1) Bona Red Out parts 1 and 2 was applied to Sample #1 (pictured).

2) Two coats of Bona NordicSeal and no Red Out was applied to Sample #2.

3) One coat of NordicSeal and no Red Out was applied to sample #3.

The samples with NordicSeal appear to me to be pink; the sample with only red out looks good to me, except for a plank that looks greenish gray, which is a color I don’t like and which stands out. Many planks in the room will probably be like this one.

If possible, I’d like to use a water-based stain, or a combination of two water-based stains, that will cover or subdue the greenish gray planks so that they look more neutral brown. (the painter doesn’t think that Bona NaturalSeal or ClassicSeal will do this). I’d like the stain to be as light as possible while still achieving this. Do you have any suggestions?

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