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Hardwood/bamboo install question for floor experts

16 years ago

Hi All

I'll try to make a long story short. Basically, we were given a quote to install our floor (strand woven bamboo floors) which we've purchased the materials for. The price has changed now that there was a "realization" (I quote it because the subfloor has been exposed for weeks now and I'm not sure what it's just coming up) that some sanding needs to be done to make sure its installed level. The addition of this sanding has added 1200 to the quote. My question is, does that sound rediculous to anyone else but me? Shouldnt that have been part of the quote in the first part to prep the floor and do what was needed to install it right?

Someone please shed some light on this for me. The scope of the job is to glue down/install about 1300 sq ft of prefinished bamboo flooring in an entry, dining, kitchen and sunken living room. Product is strand woven carbonized flooring which we've already purchased.

Thanks in advance !

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