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Ooops, Tractor 1, Satelite Dish 0

18 years ago

I was out today working with my tractor.

I was plowing my Dad's garden (he lives next door.

Last year I had tried to level the area behind my house.

So I brought a bunch of dirt in and dumped it in a pile.

I never did get far with that project and the pile of dirt

is hard to mow around and looks alful when the weeds grow up.

So today before I parked the tractor, I figured I could take

the plow and scatter that pile out some.

This pile of dirt is right behind our back deck.

A Dish Network Super Dish is mounted low to the ground.

I got too close and clipped it with the tractor tire.

Instantly the two reciever boxes lost signal.

No problem. I probably just knocked it out of alignment.

So I went into the setup menu and got the signal strength meter to re aim the dish.

I put my wife in front of the TV to watch the meter and I

loosened the bolts on the dish and moved it around some.

Signal went back up to 115. All channels came back on the DVR.

Went to the other TV. It has a plain reciever box.

It took a long time to aquire signal but it finally did.

But it doesn't have all the channels it should have.

I poked around in the setup menues and found a screen

that told me input #1 is NC. Inputs 2 and 3 are fine.

But that reciever is missing a bunch of channels and all local channels.

There are 3 cables going to the LNB on the dish.

I'm thinking that when the tire caught it is pulled a wire loose.

And it is probably input #1. But which wire is #1.

Gonna called my local installer tomorrow and see what he says.

He installed the system. He has always been real helpful.

If he will fix it and it gets to billed to DN it will be fine.

But if Dish Network makes me pay for this I don't know what we do.

I was hoping someone here mite have some advice for me.

There are 3 cables going to the LNB on the dish.

Which one is input #1. If I don't see a visible problem how do I test it.


Pooh Bear

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