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August 2020, Week 5-September 2020, Week 1

3 years ago

I couldn't decide, so technically I went with both....

Well, no rain has occurred here yet (from hurricane of week past nor any other)...the good news is there is only crispy brown grass and mowing has not been necessary for the past week and a half, and looking to stay that way. Despite having rain chances in the forecast for the next three days, it seems unlikely. Yesterday it thundered, but that was all. The storm systems managed to slide right by me.

On a mostly unrelated front, but it has been on my mind...and I guess it does fit here as a topic? There's a lady who has been quite influential with gesneriads (the clade that contains African Violets and their close kin), who lived(lives?) in Colorado. She's dispensed wonderful information and advise over the years, but the last internet sighting was in April. A couple of us have been wondering what happened, but realize we will probably never know. She was in the older set, but not *old*. It has been a year of COVID of course. She also was from Russia and may have scheduled a trip home and got trapped by no way home. I doubt we shall ever know, but it's very sad to form friendships remotely like this.

A similar story occurred to me some 3 years ago, when I lived in Chelsea, OK, my next door neighbor was a widow of my mother's age. Such a wonderful woman, she helped me in any way I asked. She had no children, only her sister and her nephew (both living nearby). When I tried to help her, there were only a few times that she would accept it. I did manage a few like when I moved, offloading my freezer full of stuff. Her means weren't great and she didn't own a car, a few times she had asked for a ride to town on my way to work, and drop her off at a friends house. I stayed in touch with her, calling monthly or so, after I moved to Texas and then Arkansas. I last talked to her on Oct 27th, 2017, she was a bit out of sorts and tired, we didn't talk long. For months afterward, I kept getting her answering machine, till finally I got a 'this number has been disconnected'. I then looked up her nephew's number, and called it. He answered and I found that she had passed quite likely very shortly after talking to me, of a heart attack. He remembered me, but had no idea how to contact me, even if he recognized my voice on her answering machine.

Anyway, sorry to bring that all up, but as I said, it's been on my mind. I hope everyone (well I expect from what she said, Dawn didn't) did get some of that rain from the storm system. We can all, I think look forward to slightly cooler temperatures this week. Hopefully more than slightly soon.

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