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non-dairy icing/frosting recipe ??

14 years ago

My daughter is turning 1 soon and she is allergic to dairy (as in swelling up) and I'd like to make a cake she can eat along with us grown-ups. She is used to eating the same as we are and gets upset when she doesn't get to (ie we have something with dairy), don't want to do that to her on her birthday.

I'm going to make a Wacky Cake and wanted to put frosting/icing on it, but can't find any recipes that have reviews without dairy to actually see how it tastes. Also want something where salmonella isn't a chance from eggs.

We'd also like to stay away from soy as she hasn't had that in anything and I have a soy sensitivity so afraid to introduce it.

I'd also prefer not buying it in a can as we haven't narrowed down what preservation stuff she is allergic to, but the few times I've given her something processed she has gotten a rash and it wasn't the same ingredients. She is used to eating fresh home made stuff.

I know I'm making it hard and might just have to make the cake and cut a little of and create a side one without frosting, but I wanted to at least try.

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