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Microsoft Office - opening old documents

11 years ago

I just purchased a new laptop with the Microsoft Office Starter package installed. I thought this would be great because I really don't need the full-blown office package. I use Word and Excel, but not all that much, however I do need them.

When I tried to open all my old documents created in Office 97 (yes I know that's an old version), I couldn't do it. I got a message saying I needed the paid version of Office to open these.

First question: Is that true?

So, what to do next? Should I just break down and purchase Office or is there a free word processing package that might meet my needs. These are the things I need to do:

Open all these old documents for starters. I should mention there are a number of documents created with Word Line Draw. Would any of these free packages open these documents?

I also on occasion need to send people word processing documents. If I use a free package would they be able to open these without too much trouble if they are using Microsoft Office? Also would I be able to open documents people sent me?

Any thoughts?


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