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Optional Vista Updates

15 years ago

As much as I am enjoying the Vista O/S I sometimes wish for the good old days of my Win98. Things were so less complicated.

The optional Vista updates are messing with my mind. I presently have two available to me, modem (which I use) and for the chipset. My initial reaction is to leave well enough alone, but I do wonder if I am missing something positive. I do know I could try them and if a result was negative I could just use restore.

All Microsoft says about optional updates is "Optional updates are not downloaded or installed automatically. Windows Update provides them for you to review. These updates may include new software components or applications from Microsoft or its partners to enhance your computing experience".

Google showed nothing on the modem update. I threw up my hands and didn't even try the chipset one.

Anyone have any problems with either of these updates, particularly the chip set update, before I ruin a whole morning.


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