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New Plans for Review; Thank You.

11 years ago

Another new member asking for help- sorry! I have only recently found this excellent site while searching for a quality forum to share ideas. We would certainly appreciate anyone who is willing to take the time to comment on our plans and we also hope to contribute to other threads where possible. This is our first custom home build and it's a bit daunting,... already and we really haven't made any major decisions yet.

Background: we are a family of four living on the west coast. We have two teens and are hoping to build a home suitable for the next 30+ years. We did not want/need a basement but the natural slope of the property necessitates a lower level.

The property is an unusual shape - narrow at the front hence the odd 'splay' of the footprint.

We are not entirely happy with the kitchen nor with the limited outdoor covered terrace and hope to improve in these areas. We would be happy with any comments.

Thanks for your insights.

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