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Final floor plan review (open floor plan) What do you think?

10 years ago

This is it. I'm tired of messing with but I'm putting it out there for review anyway! Please tell me what you think. I originally wanted to eliminate the back stairs and move the entry way stairs more towards the family room. It caused way too modification to the plan because this is a 1.5 story house and the roof line wouldn't accommodation that modification easily. All that said, I'm fine with the placement of the stairs for those that may remember that post. The family room is 16' wide to the edge of the fireplace, not the wall so I'm ok with that width. The plan wasn't an open plan originally. I opened the wall between the family room and kitchen and put in a free standing island instead of the connected angled peninsula that was there. Please let me know what you think. I'm ready to get this process moving. Thanks so much!

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