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Best Size for a Mudroom, Laundry Room, Pantry??

10 years ago

I have noticed that alot of the regrets in building are the size of the mudrooms and the laundry rooms. All of our bedrooms are planned for upstairs where our laundry room will be. The mudroom is off the kitchen.

This is my first real house. We are coming from an NYC it was a whole different world. I have a 1 year old girl and 7 months pregnant with the 2nd. So I am not sure of all the "real" family needs. I tend to lean more towards form over function, so I know need input from experienced homeowners.

This is our wish list to the architect for the spaces with inspiration pic. Sorry no pic for laundry.

Mudroom/ Multipurpose:

Powder room

Good good amount of floor space to move around

6 lockers/ cubbies

Large closet

Small message center/ counter

Enough room to for dog crate

Entrance from both garages and family exterior door

Near kitchen/ Pantry

Lockers and clutter not visible from kitchen

Pantry:(our kitchen has no upper cabinets so all the food will be stored here)


33" wide stand-up freezer

Laundry Room:

70 sq ft+

Washer, dryer, sink, fold down iron board, folding counter, vacuum/mop


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