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ARGH - Did I do it again??? Better than Bouillon

10 years ago

I made the Beef in Wine Sauce from the Blue Book last night. Only, in place of bouillon cubes, I used "Better Than Bouillon." When they were done processing, they had the same "separated" look that the time I added flour to stew before canning. When I did that, it appeared to me the flour separated out in layers. (I froze them for storage after learning my lesson.)

So now I'm worried about this Better Than Bouillon product. Did I mess up AGAIN? I didn't deviate in any other way, except I did overprocess. The jars are 1.5 pints and since there isn't guidance for that size, I processed for 90 minutes.

Please let me know if Better Than Bouillon is ok to use:

Ingredients: Roasted beef with concentrated beef stock, salt, hydrolyzed soy protein, sugar, corn syrup solids, flavoring, yeast extract, dried whey (milk), potato flour, caramel color, corn oil, xanthan gum

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