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What is gettng ripe in your garden? continued

Silvia's last gardening thread is taking a long time to load now so I would like to start another one to keep it going.

The veggie garden continues to grow nicely. Some plants aren't growing as fast as I would like (just a bit impatient). I took photos of the fastest growers.

I was excited to see flowers on my snow pea plants.

This is a row of rutabaga and turnip greens. They are over seeded so I can pick them for greens first.

This is 'joi choi' and cabbage.

This is a close up of the 'joi choi'.

This is a close up of mizuna and Tuscan/dinosaur kale. The mizuna is a great beginner plant. It's so quick and easy to grow. It makes attractive yellow blooms in the spring. The Tuscan/dinosaur kale is tasty and it will take the heat in the spring.

This is Ethiopian kale. This is my first time growing it. It is growing in the shape of a broccoli plant. I guess it is grown for its leaves instead of its flower buds.

Let's see and hear more about what's going on in your veggie garden!


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