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What do you modify in your garden to continue your garden passion

12 years ago

I am not too old, considering that 120 is too old, but life changes each year. To plan for the future, I have begun making major modifications.

My husband no longer wants to work in the garden. He wants to lead a dog's life which to him to lie around, look at TV, and eat. LOL That is what he wants, but it isn't real. He seriously does not want to do everyday chores. He will plant roses, and carry items that are too heavy for me, but wants out of the mundane day to day work.

Therefore, I sprayed all the grass with Round Up. We have many many rose beds, so the remainder of the ground will be paths.

I tore down the arbor, and will replace the roses. Neither of us belong on the ladder anymore.

On my hillside I have divided the area into rooms, and am dealing with it room by room. The total area is so large that I become overwhelmed, but one room at a time with steps separating it from another is something I can handle.

I removed all but one rose on the hillside in each room, and am planting plants that are easier to handle.

I have begun naming each bed, and putting the roses into groups on the computer according to the bed they are in. Once I achieve this deed, I hope to get the rooms (beds) on my Picture Trail and more easily be able to share the rose beds on this forum. (We have record breaking heat, and at this point I have had only a handful of decent size rose blooms.)

I am trying to incorporate more plants and non roses in each bed so that the roses will appear more beautiful on their own as opposed to looking like a large Rose Nursery.

What kind of work are you doing, or am I the only one who is a little older than I feel?


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