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Ball Blue Book Apple-Cinnamon Conserve (Special Diet) recipe

11 years ago

Ahhhh yes!! Another fantastic conserve for my oatmeal, and whatever else! Now that apple season has sprung up a month early, it's time to start thinking apple recipes.

Question. This recipe calls for unsweetened applesauce and dried apples. Is it okay to use homemade for this for canning? Particularly the dried apples. I'm relatively new to dehydrating. Should I be conserved of properly dehydration of the apples? Or, if it's a recently dehydrated apple and it's then used in this recipe, processed as instructed, would this properly preserve the dried apple, even if it wasn't dried perfectly?

Im sure I'm not communicating myself correctly. Being new to dehydrating, I'm doing many trial batches and keeping them stored in small packaging, in the event that one batch does well but another doesn't, so that I don't lose them all. If I've dried some recently, and then used them in this recipe, will it be a problem if in fact the apples were not dried properly? Or should I simply purchase dried apples until I'm more comfortable?

Thanks in advance for your advice/suggestions, and for dissecting my confusing question.

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