Cheese board accoutrements, home-canning recipes or mail order faves?

l pinkmountain
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

OK, maybe some store bought meats too . . . being vegetarian and a low-salt person, I am cured-meat illiterate.

And I shout out towards heaven to 2ManyDiversions--miss you and love you!!

I'm assembling some "kits" to be giving away as gifts using my own home canned stuff. Although I would be open to some good suggestions of store-bought options but just trying to collect some good canning recipes, at least add to what I know and have tried. By "canning" I mean USDA boiling water bath method that can be stored outside the fridge on a shelf.

I'm going to be assembling kits with the following elements

1. Some type of pickle, which in my case will most likely be Jardiniere or Giardinera which I have plenty of recipes for. I also have made the "Small Batch Preserving" caponata recipe and I'm not a fan but its ok. I'm not crazy about canned celery . . . I also make a mean pickled pepper.

2. A vegetable chutney or spread. I have made roasted red pepper and tomato spread which I like but I'm looking for other options in this area. One option would be some type of pepper jelly I suppose . . . I have spotty luck with that gelling . . .

3. Some type of dried salami, which I have not idea what is good. Anything gourmet I would have to probably mail order . .

4. Something fruity, like an unusual fruit jam. Two that I have already made that come to mind are peach marmalade and herb honey jelly which I have made with cinnamon basil, thyme and lavender. We don't get farm fresh figs or dates here so my repertoire with those fruits is limited. It's too early for apples . . . I have never made plum chutney or conserve but I suppose it would be a prime contender . . .

5. I'm hesitant to make my own cheese crackers as I don't imagine my own having a long shelf life. Maybe I could make something like a dried herbed crouton with some french bread . . .I dunno, this is an area I am not very adept at. I only made crackers once and did NOT enjoy the process, I hate rolling things out . . .

6. Dark chocolate covered something. Those I plan on buying!!

7. Some kind of nut thing. I could perhaps make a seasoned nut mix but I am inclined also to buy that. Seasoned pistachios come to mind as a gift item . . .

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