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Healthy Cook Book Recommendations?

14 years ago

Well, darn... Hubby announced no more carbs and less salt just a few days ago due to high blood pressure. It's not really high, just at the low end of bad.

Today he got his other results back and they are putting him on cholesterol meds! His bad cholesterol was 169. Total was 225. That seems a bit extreme to me. They didn't even say try diet and exercise first, then retest.

I'm really struggling with the idea of preparing meals without potatoes, bread, salt, dairy, eggs, etc.

Both of us eat mostly all home cooked foods and I make most things from scratch. It takes us about 2 months to go through a pound of butter. Is that a lot? Otherwise I cook with olive oil or peanut oil.

Our main starch has been potatoes. Pasta about once every 2 months and bread maybe once a week on average.

I'd say we have almost 0 transfats in our diets. We are rather fond of cheese, eggs, sour cream, and milk (1 %). But I've always felt like we eat really healthy compared to, well, EVERYONE we know - in real life. Arrgh. My cholesterol and blood pressure are just fine, by the way. I'm wondering how much stuff he sneaks at work... He is one of those finish what's on your plate even if your full types, for sure.

So, if anyone can recommend a good healthy cookbook that would be great. I've been thin all my life and I've never had to worry about any of this stuff before and it's boggling my mind. Especially since he wants it changed RIGHT NOW. Geez, I don't even get a couple of weeks to wrap my head around it, lol.

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