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Anyone in St. Pete area want to swap a few plants?

16 years ago

I have some "volunteers" I've been nursing that need a home and some I think are great but in the 'wrong' place.

I have a whole vine/plant that will get too large where it sits now: thunbergia grandiflora, or Blue Sky Vine

and I also can give cuttings to anyone who wants as I have two HUGE Blue Sky vines that I have trim on a regular basis or it grows into my orange trees.

I also have Morning Glory seedlings that have 'popped' up on their own.

I have a large Bleeding Heart (white and red/dark green leaves) that I would like to remove.

Would like a Purple/Blue Passionvine as mine has been eaten to the nub by Gulf Fritt cats and looks dead even though it isn't. Or, anything that flowers that won't eat my yard.

Anyone interested in some of these plants?

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