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WANTED: Annual Southern Ontario Plant Swap/London and Area # 2

14 years ago

I have started a few things a couple days ago - I just seem not to get enough time to get things rollin on the planting front.With My little Munchkins

I have planted:

Solanum Mammosum - Titty Fruit

Yvonne Salvia

Salvia Exserta

Carolina Jessamine

American Holly

Mixed Hibiscus

Wild Senna

Cypress Vine

I'm hoping to at least have a second set of leaves on a lot of things but we all know how planting goes. I will not trade for these yet but will let everyone know how things progress.

I also have a pup of Agave americanum

I also have some Mandevilla laxa seedlings that I am trying to nurse back to decent health - I will also let people know how they are doing. I'm sure I have a few other things.

Bill: I can't remember the road I think it is Commissioners Rd West - Main entrance of the park then take the first left - about 100 meters up on the left is where we were before (There is a little building there). If anyone else can give more specific directions to Bill that would be great.

Also have we established who is holding the park (getting there bright and early 7:30 ish AM). You need to be there that early to hold the spot they get taken very quickly.I live in St Thomas now and it is just to far me know with the kids and everything else to get there that early.



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