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Which Roses Should I Choose?

I'm trying to choose two specimen roses to put on each side of a bird bath, although some distance away, which preferably should be no taller than 4 to 4 1/2 feet and not much wider than 6 feet. I want a soft color, since that area already contains two pink climbing roses, Cl. Pinkie and Spirit of Freedom. The two roses do not have to be the same. I'm looking not only for beautiful blossoms but also graceful bushes since each will be standing alone. I've narrowed the choice down to the roses below and would very much appreciate input from anyone who can advise me. If you can recommend other roses that would be fine too.


Mrs. Dudley Cross

Georgetown Tea

Marie van Houtte

Arcadia Louisiana Tea

Sawyer Plot Tea

Rival de Paestum

Mrs. Foley Hobbs

Smith's Parish

Le Pactole

Madame Charles

Rhodologue Jules Gravereaux


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