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Belinda's Dream - Too much of a good thing?

16 years ago

Today I was at the February meeting of the Marion County Rose Society. We had a great demonstration of pruning in the front yard of one of our members. Thanks, Steve. I was talking to 3 people and mentioned Belinda's Dream. Two of them said she got to be 7x7 for them and would put out 200 blooms, requiring a huge effort to deadhead, so they both removed her from their garden! I was amazed! At one-year-old mine on Fortuniana is a mere 5' tall by 2' wide, so she's definitely lulled me into a false sense of spatial security.

And she's definitely got to be moved. I can put her in the front yard beside the driveway. Maybe that way the neighbors can deadhead her! lol. I'll have to give lessons! Just one problem: right now she's near naked, and the folks today said that's normal for this time of year. So do ya think it's OK for a specimen plant to be naked a little of the time? She has such beautiful, sweet-smelling flowers that I hate to send her to the landfill. After the move Don Juan will have a place to call home.


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