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Two antler chandeliers in a home too much of a good thing?

15 years ago

I have a beautiful antler chandlier hanging in my great room. It's very large - triple tier and at least 3-4' wide.

We are now adding on a large foyer (12' x 20'), which will be the room just before you enter the great room and living room area. A designer I"m working with suggested using an antler chandelier in the foyer also - just on a much smaller scale. It would definitely match the rustic style of the house and new double entry doors and add that something special to the foyer, but do you think having two antler chandliers towards the front of a house is just too much?

I can't use the great room chandelier in the new foyer because of its size. Upon entering the house, you probably wouldn't see much, if any, of the chandelier in the great room because of the ceiling height differences and partial wall separation.

The first photo is my existing chandelier and the next two are ones that I'm considering for the foyer.

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