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Is too much brown a bad or good thing? Need opinions

11 years ago

Hi. I absolutely would love get your feedback on my couch dilemma.

We just moved into a house - and had medium to dark hardwoods installed. We have existing dark furniture (espresso colored) media cabinet, side tables, and accents like frames etc.

My question is this....we don't know if a brown leather couch will be too much BROWN in our family room. Is it brown overload? Or should we get the black leather couch?!?! So torn and need advice - this is keeping me awake at night ;) I know we can use color accents - but wondering if too much brown is a bad or good thing. The black couch would be a bit starker/colder - but at least it would break up the brown.

THANKS!!! I'll try and post pics.

(a little history...need a leather couch since baby is on the way and don't want to deal with microfiber or cotton for cleanup. Also, don't like light color leather. So only choice is chocolate brown or black leather couch)

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