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need Native plants that can grow indoors

16 years ago

Hi there everyone,

I am volunteering to help redo the native animal displays at the childrenÂs museum. This is an indoor display currently with several animals native to Maryland such as a corn snake, gray tree frog, a hermit crab, many turtles and more. I plan on creating beautiful and captivating environment for each animal. I want to also include native plants in the displays for the animals to climb on or hide in.

What plants can I use that will be okay indoors without need a stage of dormancy?

Aquatic ones for the turtle display?

Woodland ones for the corn snake?

Ones that like moist soil for the tree frog?

Beachy looking ones for the hermit crab environment? SucculentÂs maybe?

I am also thinking of having hanging baskets and planters between exhibits with information telling about the plants.

I plan on moving the eastern box turtles outside because they really benefit from hibernating (and there really is no room for inside) so plant choices there are also appreciated. Though my main concern is having native plants in a non native indoor environment!

The important considerations are that this is a childrenÂs museum so colorful and interesting textures are desired!

Also the plants need to be non toxic of course: for both the childrenÂs sake as well as the animals.

Thank you all in advance for your help!


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