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Ants in my plants! Ants in my plants!

2 months ago

Yes, there's an "L" in there.

How do I get rid of them?

Normally I get ants in the house in early springtime, but I've been getting these for months now. Kitchen, office, bedroom. They are tiny and brown, about 3 mm, smaller than the black ants I used to get around the house in the spring and summer. I put out Terro ant baits, but they're not working. Supposedly they take the bait back to the nest, but I'm not seeing much reduction in numbers.

I picked up one pot to wash off the ants I saw crawling on the outside, and they kept coming, and coming. I realize that they must be going in and out of the soil in the plants - must be living in there now, ugh!

I can repot this plant, but I need to get rid of these guys before they start living in another one.

Anyone know of something that works? I have a cat, I don't want to spray a pesticide indiscriminately.

Sprinkle diatomaceous earth on top?


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