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Orchid ID (Brassia Summer Dream?) and care in kokedama

last month

Hi everyone!

I’ve recently picked up a very pretty orchid. It says Brassia Summer Dream on the tag but the petals don’t have the typical long thin spider like appearance. Do you think the ID is correct? I don‘t mind if it‘s something different but a correct ID may help me care for it!

Any tips on care would be great.

I’m aware no direct sunlight.

- Watering approx once weekly seems standard but in regards to the kokedama (moss ball) it’s in, i have read to allow it to dry in between watering? The garden centre however advised me to keep it moist? Anyone know which is correct? I think rot could be an issue if it’s always wet…

- In regards to feeding the tag suggested once every 2 months but online i’ve read to feed in 3 out of 4 waterings, which is a big difference! How often does everyone feed theirs? (i have an orchid specific fertiliser)

- Should i apply “orchid mist” to the leaves every other day, or is that too frequent?

All advice welcome!

Thanks in advanced!

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