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Bedroom makeover - help please!

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I had a great experience with this community when I was designing/reno-ing my teeny tiny bathroom and got so much invaluable advice and help, so I thought I'd give it another crack.

We bought a house before the interest rates starting rising and the 5 year plan was the knock it down and .build our dream home, but that's looking like it could be a 15 year to never project now, so I just want to have some fun with what we've got (without spending huge dollars).

I want to re-do my bedroom, no major renos or investment furniture pieces, just paint and design.

I want to keep it maximalist, but not overwhelming, not cluttered. Main inspiration is. Hotel le Deux Gares. I love colour and quirky details. Definitely NOT boring or following whatever the latest scandi/minimalist trend is. I do love mid-century modern, but with a bit more of a European colourful twist.

I've attached the layout and my inspo - here are my questions for the brains trust...

1. What do you think about the layout? Is this the best spot for the bed?

2. Which paint colours do you think go best with my pink bed?

3. Lighting - pendant light in the centre of the ceiling. Wall scones on either side of the bed. Should I add a floor lamp or lamp on one of the bedside tables? Or other lighting solutions?

4. Recommendations for bedside tables - must have storage

5. What colour/style to paint the wardrobe and Ikea tallboy

6. Wall-hung bookshelves on the big wall? Inspo?

7. Full-length mirror somewhere?

8. Solutions to disguise the ugly carpet?

9. Inspo to display my jewellery and perfume on top of the tallboy

And anything else you might want to recommend, I'm open to having a productive conversation!

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