Need help with master bedroom makeover

First off, excuse the mess. I love our king size bed/headboard. I’m redoing/doing our entire bedroom since we’ve never really had matching/complementary pieces in my room. I love gray/white/clear or crystal colors because I can mix and match them with other color and they are easily interchangeable. I want to use that canvas (2nd picture) as my inspiration for color schemes. I really like the pink and coral colors in there but my husband wants the room to be something we can both enjoy (not just screaming pinks lol).

My thoughts were:

  • mirrored nightstands
  • repainting dresser in either gray, silver, or white
  • painting an accent wall in a light pink/coral
  • adding blackout curtains (in the same pink/coral)
  • changing light fixture to something with crystals
  1. How can I translate the tones and feeling of that canvas into the bedroom without making it over girly/glam?
  2. Does my plan above work? If not can you give me some suggestions?

I’ve added pictures of my bed, the inspirational canvas photo currently hanging in our bedroom, the dresser to be repainted, and the window the curtain would go over. Please note, our bedroom is small. It’s about

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