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Primary Bath Remodel: Educating myself before starting

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HI All,

It's been a couple of years since I've been on design dilemma. Before that, I've mostly been a lurker for many years. I've read so many threads and horror stories over the years, that I really want to start educating myself before we embark on remodeling our primary bath.

A few things about us:

We are not DIY....this will all be contracted out.

I get design paralysis....we will pay for a designer (a little hard to find one in our area but I'm sure there is one out there)

I will read and read and read and read about waterproofing showers and ask the right questions

I'm asking for any recommendations of websites, books, and/or great threads on Houzz for me to read. I could use google but I get overwhelmed pretty quick. I remember many years ago a frequent "pro" wrote a thread about, "How to be prepared when interviewing contractors". I'll try to dig that up but those are the types of things that I'm looking for to educate myself and takes lots of notes.

There is no need for the great people on Houzz to write a novel on my thread but you have a link or an idea for me to check out, that would be very much appreciated.

Thanks so much

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